Gilbert Park Photography Emsworth and Aigues Mortes
Gilbert Park Photography   Emsworth   andAigues Mortes

Gilbert Park Photography

Photography is a passion for me.  Be it sunny or rainy, calm or windy, hot or cold, night or day I'll be out trying to get the picture I want.


I've been fortunate to be able to photograph in overe a 100 countries over the last 50 years or so and enjoyed every moment of it (apart from the times I've been held at gunpoint), but Emsworth and Aigues Mortes are where I now live are special, the combination of light and water give both a special  attraction I've tried to capture in my pictures.


Times have changed over the time I have been taking photographs. No more film and dark rooms, instead digital cameras and computers are used today. This means that although getting it right in camera remains a priority, post processing allows more freedom to capture the beauty of the world around us.


To keep up  to date I am a licentate of the Royal Photographic Society and my training included a Foundation Degree (with merit) from Anglia Ruskin University in Professional Photography.



I would love to hear from you and please email me on info AT gilbert-park-photography. com

You will have to change the AT to @ and remove the spaces. Sorry about that, but at least its not as bad as having to read and type a load of barely legible numbers and letters!

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